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Piaggio Zip 80cc 4T

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Hi everyone!!


Thought I might update this...........its been a while!! I think it was 2013 on the old Scooterpower.lv forum was the last time I logged in

so I did actually build this scooter

The specs:
Malossi 80cc Kit
Malossi Power Cam
Ported & Polished head
S6 Delorto Carb
S6 Manual Choke
TK S/S Exhaust
Polini Variator
Polini Kevlar Belt
Polini Evo 3G Clutch
Polini Evo 2 Clutch Bell
S6 Tacho/Temp
Polini Evo Filter

This is how the engine turned out after fitting up all the parts

I then had the wheels powder coated and fresh Pirelli rubber added, along with new brakes and fitted everything back together.


I then not long after bought a house an had the scooter put into "dry storage" while I was doing the house renovations. The "dry storage" turned out to be not so dry and in the 2/3 years it was laid up it was looking worse for ware.

I'm still doing work on my house but over the last few weeks have been doing an hour here and there to stip the scooter down ready for a rebuild and to add more tuning parts



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Up for sale is a 70cc piaggio zip thats just been built not even raced.

Its got a 70cc mallossi mhr kit on thats Darrell Tayloy has tuned and has just been replated.
Engine cases have been welded where they had a slight crack in them, they’ve also been ported out to take the 77cc kit.
We stripped the scooter down completely and had the frame blasted and powder coated.
Plastics are not cracked at all just been painted red, just need numbers fitted.

There’s loads of new parts fitted inc:
New piston
Mains and seals
Polini water pump and belt
Full Polini gear up kit
Full Mallossi overrange kit fitted
Mallossi race clutch fitted
Water temp gauge fitted
Front Bitubo shock
Rear HSS rear shock
Crank has done about 2hrs running thats it
Quick action throttle fitted
Keihin 28mm carb
Stage 6 race pipe fitted used but not scratched
Mallossi digital ignition fitted
New Sava super soft fitted on the front and a new Dunlop tt92gp fitted to the rear
New braided hose fitted to the front with EBC race brake fluid, New pads and shoes also
Comes with a new set of Sava wets fitted to spare rims aswell.
Scooter has been set up on Darrells dyno.
This is an idea scooter for someone coming into the championship
Joe Won at 3 sisters outright when we had joint grids on the same setup
Also will come with all the road bits we took off and anything else i can find.

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