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Honda vision 110

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welcome to our forum :)

a 4-stroke 110cc honda is definitely not a good base for tuning and modifying, it won't run significantly better. the best always have been and always will be 50cc 2-stroke engines. as you've already upgraded your transmission, the next could be an exhaust, a bigger cylinder with a sports camshaft and a bigger carburetor, sadly the gain wouldn't be as noticeable as on a 2-stroke.

nevertheless, good luck :)

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haha yeah nikon I think I have enough go faster stickers for now! 
yeah now Im not too happy with the scooter but I bought it as reliable horse for work so she does her job. I have yamaha dt 125 so I will just keep my money for her. Have learnt though and got the enjoyment from scooter and tuning as very popular when younger here in UK but not tuning them so was good to learn a little bit.

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