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Yamaha JogRR [English]

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Hi, there :yoo:

Okey, ladies. Go-go-go! :mjaso:

It is my Track Jog RR from 2003.

List of tuning 2016 SEASON: [Setup List]  :yoo::wrenchin:

- Aerox Block - Improved  (STUDENT edition)
- Cylinder– Stage6 Racing MK2
(STUDENT edition)
- Crankshaft– Malossi RHQ
- Bearings - SKF C4 Teflon

- Exhaust system– Yasuni C30 CARBON
- Carburator– Dellorto 21PHBG (102 jet)
- Air filter – Malossi E14 
- Transmission - Full Malossi overrange kit

- Reed valves– Stage6 V-FORCE3 by tassinari
- Brake disc– Metarkit Oversize + Galfer brake
- Original CDI and stock ignition
- Gear shaft - Polini 
- Coolant tank and radiator from Aerox
- Bosch electrical pump
- Killswitch
- Rev counter Stage6 + Koso regulator
- Motul MotoCOOL organic + coolant fluid
- Motul RBF600 brake fluid

Plan of rebuild 2017 SEASON:   :wrenchin: Last changes (01.04.2017)

  • Block from AEROX with disc brake (Installed
  • Electrical pump BOSCH  (Installed)
  • Speedometer Stage6  (Installed)
  • Scooter needs for wiring rebuild (Installed)
  • 24mm or more carburetor (Installed)
  • Big intake reeds and manifold from Stage6 R/T (Installed)
  • Also new paintjob for JogRR (Installed)
  • New LED LEXUS lamp and spoiler  (Installed)
  • Rims: Front - R12, Rear - R13 (Installed)
  • Malossi Internal Rotor Ignition MHR TEAM (Not Installed)
  • 2 -semislick tyres - Dunlop TT93 (Not Installed)
  • Exhaust: Stage6 R1200/1400 or Roost  (Not Installed)

P.S. Today scooter is a little bit adjusted and max speed  is +120 kilometer per hours






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Ja jau topiks ir Internacionālajā sadaļā, tad raksta angliski. Good luck with Jog! Sent from my LG-D320 using Tapatalk

ko tu tur velreiz papļurkstēji ne pa tēmai ? :D:D  

P.s jog very nice , all the girls are yours respect 

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Today i planned which events to visit during this season. And they are:
7 may - opening if the season Daugavpils 2016. There will be circuit races 

Unfortunately i won't be able to visit opening of the season Riga 2016, because scooter is in Latgale.

But i am planning to visit closing of the season 2016 both in Riga and Daugavpils 

At the moment I am waiting new parts for my Yamaha JogRR and see you soon!


  • Malossi Internal Rotor Ignition MHR TEAM
  • 2 -semislick tyres with R13 rims from Aerox - Dunlop TT93
  • PWK 28mm
  • Intake system from R&D 
  • New LED LEXUS lamp and spoiler  
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