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The true power hides inside. Yasuni R de-restrict.

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Yasuni R is all around an awesome exhaust - sound, looks, brand.

But it comes restricted from the factory.

So here you are - my guide to de-restricting Yasuni R exhaust.


First restriction - the obvious one right in the beggining of the exhaust manifold 

It's even hold in place just by three small welds. Thats a sign bro!



Second restriction is neatly packed into the silencer.

You can see it when you take the silencer off.







Now your Yasuni R is de-restricted for street use.


BUT! If you want to go cray cray on this, get all of the power Yasuni has to offer then keep reading..


You will need a hacksaw, some welding skills, grinding tools and a lot of patience.


There is a perforated metal cone inside which is there for sound dampening but it has a huge effect on sonic waves which is were the power hides.


You have to make a cut here




And you will find something like this on the collector side of resonator.




Then, by using our grinder we grind off the edge where the restricto meets the exhaust wall.


This is the restriction cone.




Now you can just weld that sucker up! I suggest using a TIG welder.

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Ar šo? 



Ko tu stāsti. Jāregulē  :hehe:

Arī stockam uzliekot tīri sporta filtru viņš iet sliktāk  :aiwa:

ir testēts ar to klusinātāja pipļuku, vairs neaceros uz kāda motora un setupa, bet ar viņu gāja labāk, metinājām pēctam atpakaļ viņu

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