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  1. Deividas

    Yamaha Aerox - for sale

    Rims painted, looks sick, dm me for more info.
  2. Deividas

    Yamaha Aerox - for sale

    dm me and ill tell you more about it
  3. Deividas

    Yamaha Aerox - for sale

    Rims painted , aerox dropped a little bit , making it better and better , price when its done will be higher , dm me for more info if u are interested. Offer the price for it and maybe we will make a deal !
  4. Hey guys, in spring ill be selling freshly painted red yamaha aerox , with racing parts, and a lot tuning done to it. Maybe if someone interested in buying it contact me and I'll tell you more about it. p.s there is a very little problem with cosmetic, but will be fixed trough winter Facebook - Deivi Das (or give me yours in pm and I'll add you.) https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100011643166670 LITHUANIA!