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  1. Runner4life

    Gilera runner stage6 mk1

    Thank you , any other opinions ?
  2. Runner4life

    Gilera runner stage6 mk1

    I have 500€.. Cylinder is used about 50 kilometers and it will cost me about 90€, yasuni c16 100€,dell 21 about 50€,stage6 crankshaft about 150€. And I'm thinking about malossi multivar and what about clutch and bell ?
  3. Hey guys , this is my gilera runner sp50 2011.I own this scooter for three years and I'm so happy with him and it will be hard for me to sold it.My runner has everything serial everything..So i was thinking about a little change..It has about 23 thousand kilometers..His top speed before two seasons was 95km/h..But in last time he is a little bit cold in start and I think he is little tired..So i want to upgrade it starting from zero from cilinder..One man offerd me stage6 mk1 , and I wanted to ask you what do you think about that kit and what else I will need for running nice like auspuff , rollers , carburator..Give me your opinion please