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  1. Tautvydas Janušas

    Tautvydas Garage

    If anyone follows my garage, i want to share Season Opening video from Šiauliai
  2. Tautvydas Janušas

    Tautvydas Garage

    Hello Spring!
  3. Tautvydas Janušas

    Tautvydas Garage

    Thanks Slider was really fun thing By the way, i forgot to show my Yamaha Neos, i had it not for a long time 'cause i bought it for sale Before: After:
  4. Tautvydas Janušas

    Tautvydas Garage

    Hello there! My name is Tautvydas, i'm 17 years old and i live in Šiauliai, Lithuania. I would like to introduce my scooters My "career" started when i was 15 years old, then i bought Piaggio NRG Power from Switzerland, it was after crash, but damages were not serious, it needed some work with plastics Some pics, when NRG came to Lithuania: Without plastics Plastics right after paintshop And result So, i finished 2010 season without other changes After winter i wanted some changes, so i decided to re-paint rims, and 3 plastics Also bought TNT riser kit So, new color for rims! New season, with changes Then i decided, that NRG need some stickers, so i made "NRG" and ME sticker And finally, my Giannelli Extra Chrome arrived! *bling*bling* And, my final "mod" for NRG - Sticker Bomb With my friend's Zip, before he made a little project In summer's end, i decided, that i need something new, so i sold my NRG Power And this is last photoshoot before selling my NRG :/ So, my second scooter - Yamaha Slider Naked '07. This one had better setup. Polini Sport 70cc kit Giannelli Extra exhaust Polini High Speed vario Polini 3G clutch Motoforce 17.5mm carb Stage6 small filter Malossi X-Special belt First day with Slider: Of course, some beuty mods So, 2011 season ended. In 2012's winter, i bought Aprilia SR rims for Slider New color Finally polished my variator cover Another mod - 12 'o' clock bar One more mod So, i'm ready for 2012 season! And now pics from 2012 spring/summer Yamaha! Happy three friends 2012 season openining And some pics "in action" And then was time to buy new scooter So, last photoshoot :/ So, it's time to show my current scooter - Peugeot XP6 '07. It's almost stock, just Conti CHR exhaust I changed front mud guard and front indicators. Now it looks like this So, there's my garage, i hope you enjoyed